Postdoctoral Associate Human Nature Lab

Yale Institute for Network Science seeks a Postdoctoral Associate Human Nature Lab (HNL) of Professor Nicholas Christakis. Applicants with background in life sciences who are interested in social science applications are sought to strengthen HNL’s research portfolio in the biological underpinnings and sequelae of social phenomena. HNL, housed at the Yale Institute for Network Science, offers the opportunity for a flexible research agenda with strong mentorship in social and network sciences.

Areas of interest include biological bases of human sociality; biology and genetics of mate choice and social tie formation; social epigenetics; human-parasite interactions; pheromones; gene-environment interactions; and related topics. A strong scholarly record and demonstrated ability to conduct challenging and innovative work are more important than specific content area within the biological sciences. The ideal candidate is one with a strong background in life sciences who is interested in social science, network science, or epidemiology.

Must have a Ph.D. in molecular biology, genetics, entomology, parasitology, evolutionary biology, computational biology, systems biology, neuroscience, etc.; be able to undertake full-time research (in our fully provisioned lab); have a solid record of independent research; and have working knowledge of relevant wet lab techniques. Strong analytical background and interest in interdisciplinary research are required. Demonstrated experience in a relevant field, including (but not limited to) computational biology, behavior genetics, epigenetics, network analysis, or statistical modeling and related areas is desirable. Candidates with a strong interest in biosocial research, and with interests that complement ongoing projects at HNL ( will be given particular attention.

Position anticipated to be available as early as June, 2016. Those interested in starting in the fall of 2016 are also encouraged to apply. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, but submit full application no later than April 15, 2016 for full consideration. Send cover letter describing interests, CV, and at least two letters of recommendation (sent directly) to Kim Kuzina via email: kimberly-dot-kuzina at yale-dot-edu