Postdoctoral Associate in bioinformatics and computational evolutionary anthropology

As part of an NSF CAREER program , a postdoctoral associate is sought for a start date of January 1st 2017. Eighteen months of funding is currently available for this position.

This person will work with large samples of 3D digitized specimens to address questions about evolutionary processes in primates and mammals. Anatomical systems emphasized include teeth, crania, hands and feet.

Critical qualifications include:
1) High competency for programming in R, Python and MatLAB.
2) Experience using Phylogenetic Comparative Methods
3) Basic understanding of matrix algebra
4) Extensive experience studying and analyzing of skull, teeth and skeleton

The most fundamental goal of this work will be to create, trouble shoot and maintain user interfaces and workflows for analyzing 3D models of bones with automated geometric algorithms developed in collaboration with researchers in applied mathematics.

Information about postdoctoral salaries and benefits can be found on Duke’s HR website

Please send 1) CV, 2) Statement of interest and explanation of Qualifications to: