Qualifications and Experience: We are looking a candidate who have PhD in biostatistics, statistical genetics, bioinformatics or computational biology, who will be involved in a combined applied and methodological genetics project. This project will focus on the development and implementation of ancestry (admixture) based detection and characterization of genetic and environmental exposure risk factors in asthma. We are particularly keen to attract a candidates who already have experience and/or training in the statistical methods used in genetic and environmental exposure studies and research interests in any of the following research areas: population genetics analysis of admixed population, data simulation and imputation. The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, possess excellent communication skills with a strong aptitude for IT applied to human genomics.

Key Functions: • Perform genome-wide admixture and association analysis, implement ancestry-environmental exposure interaction analysis, data simulation and imputation. • Participate in development and testing statistical methods for admixed human datasets.

Preferred Skills/Experience/Attributes: • Proficiency in statistical programming environments such as SAS, R, Java or C++. • Ability to communicate statistical concepts and data analysis interpretations to the group. • Experience in genetic analysis of environmental exposure risk factors. • Excellent interpersonal skills and in team-oriented environments.

Further information can be obtained from:

Tesfaye B. Mersha, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Division of Asthma Research
Department of Pediatrics
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
University of Cincinnati
Phone: 513-803-2766
Laboratory Web Address:

Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation is an equal opportunity employer. Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.