AAPA Science Policy Committee Members

The AAPA has formed a Science Policy Committee to advise the association on how to best promote, maintain, and communicate rigorous science. Drs. Mark Weiss and Karen Strier are the committee co-chairs. Members are: Drs. Claudia Valeggia, Dennis O’Rourke, Omer Gokcumen, Amy Rector-Verrelli and Anne Stone (who is also the ExComm liaison to the Committee). The committee’s work is advisory to the AAPA officers. As the committee’s work develops, a webpage will also be constructed. Postings to this ribbon relate to the committee’s work and to information from AAPA officers on related topics. To contact the committee please email a committee member or the AAPA President, Susan Antón, or President-Elect, Leslie Aiello. Contact information for these are found on the executive committee webpages. Stay tuned!