Support the Antiquities Act

The AAPA Science Policy Committee stands with the Society of American Anthropology in support of the Antiquities Act. Please see the following call from Susan Chandler, the SAA President. You do not have to be a SAA member to access their “Take Action” portal.

“The Antiquities Act, one of the cornerstones of cultural resource preservation law in the United States, is under great pressure in both Congress and within the new administration. Last week President Trump signed an Executive Order to review recent designations of National Monuments under the Act. This review could result–through either administrative or legislative action–in reductions in the size of certain national monuments, or the rescinding of their designations entirely. I urge you to go to SAA’s “Take Action” portal and send Secretary Zinke a letter urging the Department of Interior to stand for the Act. You can use an existing, editable template, or draft your own message, which will be relayed automatically to both Secretary Zinke and your representatives in Congress. Thank you for taking the time to help us with this most important matter. “