2nd International Human Migration Conference

The 2nd International human migration conference will be held October 17-21, 2017, at the National Museum in Mexico City. The primary theme of this conference is “What can Genomic and Cultural Diversity Tell us about Migration.” This conference will be subdivided into a number of sessions: (1) Human Genomic History; (2) Migration Through Time; (3) Disease and Migration; (4) Cultural Causes of Migration; (5) Age of International Migration and Globalization. Key speakers include: Maanasa Raghavan, Ripan Malhi, Mark Stoneking, Dennis O’Rourke, Antonio Villena-Arnaiz, Ricardo Cerda-Flores, Guido Barbujani, Tatiana Karafet, Igor Mokrousov and Ravi Duggirala. To participate in this conference contact Dr. Maria de Lourdes Munoz Morena: lmunoz@cinvestav.mx or http://www.ihmc.cinvestav.mx