The third edition of the course QUANTITATIVE CLADISTICS AND USE OF TNT has opened registration. End early bird: July 31st.

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Instructors: Dr. Pablo A. Goloboff (Fundación Miguel Lillo – CONICET, Argentina) and Dr. Claudia A. Szumik (Fundación Miguel Lillo – CONICET, Argentina).

Place: Els Hostalets de Pierola, Barcelona (Spain).

This course will cover the basics of parsimony analysis and character optimisation, tree-searches, diagnosing and summarising results efficiently, and measuring group supports.

This course will be informal, with extensive hands-on exercises which will help students get familiar with the main aspects of phylogenetic analysis using TNT. For each of the units in the course, there will be a lecture (one to two hours, depending on the topics), then switching to exercises illustrating the points just seen in the lecture. Switches between “lecture” and “hands-on” mode will be dynamic, depending on how students progress with the exercises.

This course will make extensive use of TNT. There will also be a demonstration and some practice with GB->TNT, a program to create TNT matrices from GenBank data (in turn, GB->TNT requires installation of an alignment program, ideally Mafft or Muscle and possibly BioEdit to inspect alignments).

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