CARTA Public Symposium: Cellular and Molecular Explorations of Anthropogeny

Join the live webcast!  “Cellular and Molecular Explorations of Anthropogeny” is the topic of a free public symposium hosted by the UCSD/Salk Center for Academic Research & Training in Anthropogeny (CARTA) on Friday, September 29th (1:00 – 5:30 pm PT), co-chaired by Fred H. Gage (Salk Institute) and Svante Pääbo (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology)
Cellular and Molecular Anthropogeny is a relatively new area of evolutionary inquiry made possible by advancements in comparative genomics, molecular techniques, and cell biology.  Genomic comparisons with our living and extinct relatives, along with precise gene editing, help to determine which changes had important consequences for human uniqueness.  Such studies provide insights into the molecular underpinnings of the human condition and can point to novel treatments for diseases affecting our species.  This symposium will explore the progress of this new field of human evolution research.

Access the live webcast here on September 29: