The Portugal Osteological Program (POP) aims to provide participants with knowledge and practical experience in the analysis of the human skeleton. The POP will focus on:
1) the study of the human skeleton, and its elements;
2) the estimation of a skeleton’s biological profile, namely sex and age at death assessment, stature and ancestry;
3) the analysis of skeletal changes of taphonomic and pathological origin, and explore differential diagnosis for those of pathological aetiology;
4) to establish medical diagnosis based on statuary and iconography sources, articulated with written documents.

Participants will explore the basics of paleopathological and paleopathographical research, so they can get a holistic understanding of how retrospective identification of disease in the past works for palaeopathologists and bioarchaeologists. This program is an excellent opportunity for trainees to gain hands-on experience on the analysis of human skeletonized remains with many applications in the fields of Anthropology, Forensics, Bioarchaeology and Paleomedicine, having further the opportunity to learn
with long-term specialists.

The program will provide participants with in-depth knowledge of the techniques and methodologies used in the treatment and analysis of human skeletal remains. Classes will be divided into lectures and a strong practical component, aiming to provide participants with basic theoretical knowledge of human osteology, anatomy, paleopathology and paleomedicine. Participants will work with human osteological remains curated at the Laboratory of Anthropology at Egas Moniz Institute of Health Sciences. All activities requiring the handling of the human remains will be closely supervised by Nathalie Antunes-Ferreira and Francisca Alves Cardoso, while with Francesco Galassi the trainees will focus on the approach of paleopathology and paleopathography through Paleomedicine. The activities will last for three weeks from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 5 pm.

Fees – 1750 € (accommodation included)
Language – English (no knowledge of Portuguese is required)
Eligibility Admission is limited to 12 students. The minimum required is 6. If fewer than 6 students enroll the course will be cancelled.
Certificate of Participation – A Certificate of Participation will be given to each participant after the conclusion of the POP.
Accommodation |Main meals – The accommodation is provided by the POP and is included in the fees. It will be held at the campus residence. For details see Meals are not included. However, the participants have access to the canteen and cafeteria. A complete meal costs 4-5€.
Proof of Insurance – An international health and injury insurance is mandatory. Students are required to provide contact details of their insurance provider as well as their policy number.