Digital Dilemma Conference (University College London)

Digital Dilemma 2018 is a one-day conference hosted by the Department of Archaeology, University College London(London, United Kingdom), on 6 October, 2018. The aim of this interdisciplinary conference is to focus more closely on the ethical considerations regarding extraction of digital data for the display and research of human remains in both academic and museum environments.

This conference will cover the views of the public concerning the use of digital displays, legal ownership of creation of digital data, proper regulation and sharing of this data, the expansion in new methods and the necessity for non-digital methods. We hope that this conference will support the management of human remains and integrate digital displays effectively and ethically in museums and research.

Attached herewith is the call for podium and poster presentations.

Abstracts will be a maximum of 250 words and should be submitted on a template provided on the 8th June. Until this date please consider the presentation formats and key themes of the conference. Please note you may not always get your first choice of format.

Presentation formats

Podium – 15 minutes presentations with 5 minutes for questions
Poster – size TBA
Digital poster*
*Digital posters will be displayed during break times using a projector and do not require the presenters physical presence, these will consist of 5 slides and the title and authors name should be present on each slide. Preference will be given to those who cannot attend due to financial constraints.

Registration and submissions open on 8 June, 2018. The deadline for submissions is 17 August, 2018. The registration deadline is 7 September, 2018.

Please visit our website to find out more about the conference: