1st Workshop on Ancient Rare Diseases, Berlin

1st W.A.R.D.
1st Workshop on Ancient Rare Diseases.
Paleopathology of genetic diseases affecting bones: Research and Awareness

Call for papers

The Department of Natural Sciences of the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin is pleased to announce the first Workshop on Ancient Rare Diseases, focussing on paleopathological record and data dissemination.
The workshop will take place in Berlin, from the 27th of February to the 1st of March 2019, in the wider frame of the international Rare Disease Day.
Why a workshop on ancient rare diseases?

Reports on rare diseases from archaeological contexts can be found in specialised literature, although a dedicated forum is still missing. The current situation heavily affects the visibility of the available data. Ultimately, quality information hardly reaches the larger public.

This workshop aims at creating a platform for a more systematic approach to rare diseases, where single cases are collected, discussed and integrated in a broader overview.
Furthermore, we believe that understanding the history of rare diseases is a crucial step to take in order to increase knowledge and awareness about their past, present and future.

1st W.A.R.D., What’s the plan?

Each of the three days of the workshop will be focused on a specific topic:

1. Defining rare diseases. The osteoarchaeological evidence of rare diseases: identification and methodological issues.
2. Medical diagnostic and paleopathology. Rare diseases yesterday and today: diagnostic tools, paleogenetic and history of rare diseases.
3. Communication, media, ethics. From labs to museums and large public: accessing, understanding, talking about rare diseases.


The workshop opens its doors to all those who are interested in the study of rare diseases from archaeological record – and beyond-.
No fees of any sorts are applied.

If you wish to take part please read carefully the guidelines on our website https://www.dainst.blog/rare-disease-workshop/