New MSc at the University of Kent, Canterbury, UK

Biological Anthropology at the University of Kent has just launched a new one-year MSc programme. We are currently accepting applicants to start in September 2019. This programme teaches Master’s level biological anthropology through two distinct routes: 1) Human and Primate Behaviour and 2) Human Evolutionary Anatomy. The course is the perfect foundation for a PhD in the UK or elsewhere, as well as developing the crucial skills required for work outside academia.

The course will be suitable for those with an Anthropology, Biology, Zoology, Psychology, or Anatomy background, but we will consider applicants with other qualifications where possible. They must have completed their UG degree with the equivalent of a UK 2.1/ 3.0 GPA. Interested applicants can contact our admissions team, or the programme convenor Dr Sarah Johns (, for more information.