3D Morphometrics summer workshop at University of Washington Friday Harbor Lab

We will be running a 3D morphometrics workshop at the University of Washington Friday Harbor Labs from 08/25 thru 08/31, 2019, as part of our SlicerMorph project. We are working on finalizing the program, which will be posted on the website (https://SlicerMorph.github.io/2019_Summer_Workshop) in the next two weeks.

Workshop is mixed-format and include topics such as theory of statistical shape analysis, applied imaging, and high-throughput image analysis. Labs will cover all aspects of conducting specimen-based research using 3D imaging. Practical topics (e.g., image processing and segmentation, visualization) will be taught using the open-source 3D-Slicer visualization suite and the SlicerMorph morphometrics toolkit (statistical shape analysis) Additional lab topics include using 3D specimen repositories to obtain data, tools and methods for collaboration and reproducible research, introduction to data analysis through R/Python. Course material will be focused on volumetric (e.g., CT or microCT) 3D datasets, but will be equally applicable to data from 3D surface scanners.

There is no registration fee, and accommodation and meals are covered for the selected participants thanks to generous support from NSF. Partial travel support is also available for qualified candidates.

Please see the course website for application instructions and more up-to-date information.

Application deadline is May 1st

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A. Murat Maga, PhD
Assistant Professor
Division of Craniofacial Med.
Dept. of Pediatrics
University of Washington
Center for Developmental Biology and Regenerative Med.
Seattle Children’s Research Institute
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