“The Origins of Syphilis in Europe”: December 2019 Conference in Paris, France

The conference will take place December 9-10, 2019, at the Collège de France in Paris, France.


The debate on the origins of venereal syphilis is more than 5 centuries old, with some supporters of an American origin versus those advocating an older infection that emerged in the Old World. This question was the subject of a first international synthesis (ICEPID-1) in 1993: The origins of Syphilis in Europe: before or after 1493? New insights into the molecular biology of Treponemas, new paleopathological discoveries of skeletal treponematoses, and the reactivation of paleomicrobiological research on Treponemas, led us to propose a new synthesis on this issue as an ICEPID-6.

Six sessions will be organized during this meeting:

Registration: Registration opens on August 1, 2019 via the conference website, https://icepid-6.sciencesconf.org/, at which time registration fees will also be collected.

Organizers: Prof. Jean-Pierre Brun (Collège de France), Prof. Olivier Dutour (EPHE-PSL), and Prof. György Pálfi (University of Szeged).

Contact: Organizers can be contacted at icepid-6@sciencesconf.org.

Updates: Conference information will be communicated on the website and on social media (Twitter and Facebook: #ICEPID6).