New Paleolithic Technical Field School

Most archaeological degrees in universities do not emphasize a comprehensive training in fieldwork techniques and methods and field-related data analysis. Although most field schools expose students to fieldwork, they also provide a limited training in field methods and archeological material analyses. This requires a specific and intensive focus. Paleolithic field archaeology has been characterized by embracing a wide range of scientific methods and approaches to analyses of sites, spanning from geoarchaeological studies of archaeological contexts to the interpretation of archaeological lithic and bone materials and their collective interpretation within the framework of site formation processes.

The Paleolithic International Training School (PI-TS) has been created with the goal of providing intensive training in Paleolithic fieldwork and material analysis methods. It aims at providing a foundational basis for future Paleolithic archaeologists in understading how excavations are designed, implemented and how information is retrieved from sites and analyzed. This approach emphasizes that Paleolithic archaeologists should be knowledgeable in an array of techniques, which will enable them to be autonomous in decision making and interpretation.

Our international faculty has several decades of experience in Paleolithic research in three continents and they are prominent researchers in their fields. This is our best guarantee.