COVID Crisis Virtual Anatomy Resource from NYU Grossman School of Medicine and BioDigital Human

Dear Anatomy Community,

A growing number of healthcare education programs are moving to emergency remote learning as a result of COVID-19. NYU Grossman School of Medicine, in collaboration with the team at BioDigital (, are pleased to announce a growing library of digitized versions of the von Hagen Cadaveric plastinations. This resource is now available to help support your transition to online anatomy.

With the permission of von Hagen Plastination, we created a number of photorealistic replicas of our plastination collection. Over the past two years, these have successfully been incorporated into our newly redesigned anatomy module. Across two medical student class iterations, we observed no statistical difference in student exam scores. Comparisons were observed between cohorts that did traditional dissection and those that used a mix of plastinations and their digitized counterparts to learn anatomy. We received overwhelmingly positive student feedback about the specimens and the digitized learning content.

Take a tour here ( for demonstrations of the capabilities of the platform.

Since COVID-19, NYU Grossman School of Medicine has sped up its plans to share its digitized specimens using the Biodigital Human platform. This allows for enhanced viewing of models, rapid creation of content, and integrated assessments on the digitized versions of these superbly dissected specimens. The digital library includes a number of full body, limb, head and neck, organ block, and pelvis and perineum specimens available for your use.

If interested, please fill out this form ( to get access to a BioDigital Human Team account that will include the NYU Grossman School of Medicine specimens.

We hope that you find these tools as valuable as we have and encourage you to send us feedback and questions.

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