National Science Foundation – Biological Anthropology updates and upcoming webinar June 25

Announcements from NSF Biological Anthropology

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July 20th Target Date flexibility:
The Biological Anthropology program uses target dates, not hard deadlines. DDRIG and standard proposals received by the Biological Anthropology program by August 31st will be considered in the Fall cycle. If you are planning to submit a proposal after the July 20 target date, please email me ( and let me know the anticipated date of submission and whether it will be a DDRIG or standard proposal.

We will be holding the first in a series of webinars on June 25, 2020 to provide overview information and discussion about NSF and the Biological Anthropology program.


One-on-One Discussions:
A limited number of weekly 1:1 phone time slots are available for things that can’t easily be handled by email. Link:

Reviewer Interest:
If you are interested in being an outside (‘ad hoc’) reviewer and/or serving on a review panel for any of the NSF Anthropology programs, you can send us your CV and a few keywords describing your research area(s): You will not necessarily be contacted by us for the next round – the goal is to expand and update our existing reviewer pool and incorporating more people over time.

Rotator Detailee:
I’m happy to be working with Dr. Siobhán Mattison, current rotator Program Director in Cultural Anthropology, on a number of Biological Anthropology program activities.

*Several of the above activities/events are part of the Biological Anthropology program’s response to the recent Committee of Visitor assessment of programs in the Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences.