Online Live Course: Modelling and Analysing Multivariate Traits Evolution using mvMORPH

Registration is open for Transmitting Science course “Modelling and Analysing Multivariate Traits Evolution using mvMORPH”

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Dates: November 9th-13th, 2020. Schedule for the live sessions: 14:00 to 17:30 Madrid time.

This course will be run Online: 17.5 hours of online live lessons, plus 10 hours of tutored assignments.

Instructor: Dr. Julien Clavel (NNRS, France)

Course overview:

In this workshop students will be introduced to multivariate phylogenetic comparative methods with the mvMORPH R package.
The mvMORPH package contains tools for modelling the evolution of correlated continuous traits (e.g. morphometric measurement, geometric morphometric datasets, life history traits, gene expression data, etc.) on phylogenetic trees [ with either fossil species, extant species or both] as well as statistical tools such as multivariate generalized least squares (GLS) linear models -e.g. multivariate regression, MANOVA, MANCOVA – for studying comparative datasets.
In this course, students will be first introduced to some theory with illustrative examples (both from simulated data as well as students’ own datasets) and will learn how to interpret the models, their parameters, as well as how to assess their reliability.
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