Online course: Introduction to Macroevolutionary Analyses Using Phylogenies, June 28th-July 2nd, 2021

There are a few slots available for the course “Introduction to Macroevolutionary Analyses Using Phylogenies”

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Dates and Schedule: June 28th-July 2nd, 2021. Online live sessions from Monday, June 28th to Friday, July 2nd; 15:00 to 19:00 (Madrid time zone). 20 hours of online live lessons, plus 20 hours of recorded classes and assignments. A recorded short introduction to R by the instructor will be delivered some days before the course for those students not familiar with R.

Instructor: Juan Cantalapiedra (Universidad de Alcalá, Spain)

Course Overview
Phylogenetic trees have changed the way we study and understand life on Earth. Taking phylogenetic information into account in our analyses is critical to account for the non-independence of biological data. Also, phylogenies allow us to get a deep-time perspective of the processes that have shaped the evolutionary history of groups, including diversification and trait evolution.
This course will introduce participants to the use, modification and representation of phylogenetic trees. Also, we will focus on the use of phylogenetic information to reconstruct ancestral characters and biogeographic histories, using different phylogenetic comparative methods.
This course will also tackle trait evolution modelling and the assessment of phylogenetic signal. Finally, we will learn about the shape of phylogenetic trees and its evolutionary causes, and how to estimate the rates of diversification throughout the history of groups. Participants are encouraged to bring their data sets to use in the practical classes.
Software: Mesquite, FigTree, R (ape, TreeSim, TreePar, Geiger, OUwie, BioGeoBEARS).

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