Seeking subject matter expert nominees: future of human welfare and societal change

Hello! We apologize for this intrusion, but we are eager to capture the insights that experts in your field have to offer into a big-topic debate: the near and longer-term future of human welfare and societal change. We refer to any area of societal change (e.g., economic conditions, public health, freedoms, happiness, life expectancy, functional institutions, technological innovations, peace, education, social capital), seeking to understand whether such conditions will improve, stay the same, or worsen in the future.

To this end, we are asking for confidential nominations about the most relevant, prolific, and well-respected experts in your field who study issues related to the future for humanity and societal change. Self-nominations are welcome. Top nominees will be invited to share their insights—and eventually share a distillation of these expert opinions with the academic community and society at large.

Cory Clark, University of Pennsylvania
Igor Grossmann, University of Waterloo
Philip Tetlock, University of Pennsylvania