AABA 2022 Online Presenters! Upload date moved to March 18th

Can't find the email from Pathable inviting you to set up your profile and upload your presentation? Don’t worry, it isn’t just you or your email spam filter. It's me.

Please forgive the delay. Organizing a two-venue conference has turned out to be more than twice the work, and the soft launch of the Pathable site isn't quite ready for take-off. And so, we are not ready to send out the invitations.

We are shifting the upload deadline from March 4th to March 18th (with a generous grace period, as we know this messes up your planning). We will communicate again via email, the AABA website, and social media to let you know when those invitations are sent out. In the meantime, enjoy the extra time to finish your presentation or give yourself a huge pat on the back if you are already done and can take a deep breath.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Leslea Hlusko AABA Vice President and Chair of the Program Committee