After postponing for the pandemic, we are excited to announce the Neanderthal Crossroads field school for summer 2022! Students will get the opportunity to learn excavation techniques at a Middle Paleolithic archaeological site, Uzun Mera, as well as exploratory investigations at additional caves. The Middle Paleolithic history of the central Balkans is still not well-known, despite it being the clear crossroads for hominins into and out of Europe. North Macedonia is a gorgeous, NATO-member country in the central Balkans that is safe and relatively inexpensive. Please reach out with questions about our schedule, travel logistics, or CoVID protocols; we would love to have you join us this summer!


Field school's sexual harassment policy as submitted

The Neanderthal Crossroads Field School had a clear harassment policy developed within the California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) Department of Anthropology (see link). Dig directors, teaching assistants, and enrolled participants are all held to expectations of professionalism and ethical conduct that include a zero tolerance policy for discrimination and sexual harassment. If issues occur, victims or observers have access to the dig directors who speak their language (Drs. Darko Stojanovski and Sarah Lacy speak English) and the CSUDH Title IX Office.

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