This year, we will be holding a special election for AABA Treasurer to replace the current Treasurer, Graciela Cabana, who has taken on a new role as Yearbook of Biological Anthropology Co-Editor (with Sheela Athreya). The standard term is four years, although this election will cover only the two years remaining in Dr. Cabana’s term, immediately following our 2023 annual business meeting. Candidates will be expected to complete this two-year term, with the option of running for a regular four-year term.

To Submit a Nomination:

All nominations must be received on or before October 17, 2022.

Nominations require a brief statement explaining how/why the nominee is well-suited to take on this leadership role. Nominations that do not include this statement will not be considered.

Submit a nomination when you submit your abstract online.

Or, e-mail nominations to: Dr. Leslea Hlusko ([email protected])

Nominators will be asked by Dr. Hlusko to complete and submit the Nominator's Disclosure Form and those who self-nominate will be asked to complete and submit the Professional Conduct Disclosure Form.

For more information, please see:


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