ONSITE course on Geometrics Morphometrics, July 3-7, Barcelona (Spain)

Transmitting Science Onsite courses are back!

Transmitting Science is organizing an ONSITE course on Introduction to Geometric Morphometrics. AABA members have a 20 % discount on the fee.

Dates: July 3rd-7th, 2023.

Place: Museum of the Institut Català de Paleontologia M. C. (Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain).

Instructor: Dr. Chris Klingenberg (Manchester University, UK).

Program: Size and shape Landmarks & data collection Procrustes superimposition Visualising shape changes Principal component analysis Distinguishing groups Symmetry and asymmetry Morphometrics in a messy world Regression and allometry Partial least squares: covariation between Phylogeny & comparative methods Short-presentations

Software that will be used during the course: MorphoJ, TPS, ImageJ.

More information: https://www.transmittingscience.com/courses/geometric-morphometrics/introduction-geometric-morphometrics/ or writing to courses@transmittingscience.com