Registration is open for the course Data Manipulation with R Tidyverse. Live sessions on the 3rd and 5th of April, from 13:00 to 18:00 Madrid time.

Instructor: Dr. Ashton Drew (KDV Decision Analysis LLC, USA). Dr. Ashton Drew, is an R Studio Certified Tidyverse instructor.

Course overview:

This course will highlight useful tools of data manipulation from R’s Tidyverse suite of packages. The Tidyverse packages are built upon a philosophy of a tidy data structure: a rectangular (spreadsheet-like) data structure where each row is one observation, each column is one variable, and each cell contains one value. The Tidyverse packages follow a set of shared rules and share a common syntax style, both designed to maximize code readability and reproducibility. The emphasis of this short course will be on the core packages dplyr and tidyr in combination with packages specific to manipulating date-time data (lubridate), text data (stringr), and categorical data (forcats). Class exercises will provide practice restructuring data, value replacement, group operations, and row- and column-wise functions. The course content assumes some prior basic R experience and will require a current install of both R and RStudio.

For more information and registrations please visit: or write to [email protected]


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