3D Imaging and Printing Workshop for the Biological Sciences

The Forensic Anthropology Research Centre in Pretoria, South Africa offers training courses for biological and forensic anthropologists in the post-processing of 3D images from various modalities and 3D printing. Continuing Professional Development credits (CPD) are available.

With the emergence of affordable 3D printing technology, biological and forensic anthropologists are using 3D printed models in the classroom and workshops. Three-dimensional imaging and printing offer several advantages such as preservation of the biological material, identical copies of the 3D models, and tactile opportunities for practitioners to engage with skeletal material. As bones are monochromatic and made of hard tissue, the material naturally lends itself to printing. Therefore, it is the most accessible component of the human body to be duplicated in a 3D model with high levels of accuracy, preserving both visual and haptic values of the natural tissue.

For more information contact us at: forensicanthro@up.ac.za