PhD scholarships- University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

The Irish Research Council has just opened the 2016 call of applications for fully funded 4 year PhD scholarships (Deadline, 3, February, 2016)

The call is competitive with external peer review but with good success rate (5 out of 8 last year) it is well worth it.

I would like to support several applicants with a strong record (including several publications in good peer reviewed journals) in the following fields:

Projects in physical anthropology/archaeology/stable isotope analysis which will have an aDNA component which may be major or minor (e.g. molecular sexing, familial relationships, admixture, affinities, etc) and in which the focus is the study of prehistoric human populations

Human Paleogenomics

Pathogen ancient DNA

Ancient DNA of archaeological sediments

Any related fields

If you are interested and you have a first class or upper second class honors primary degree, or preferably a Masters degree please get in touch as soon as possible by emailing Prof. Ron Pinhasi: