University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Anthropology Student Union Colloquium

Dear Anthropology Students,

The ASU Anthropology Student Colloquium will be held Saturday, March 26, 2016. The theme this year is “Making Our World as it Makes Us: Human Interaction with the Environment”. The Colloquium will, as always, be centered on student presentations. We are inviting anthropology professors to be discussants, and the Colloquium will include a Keynote address by Dr. H Kory Cooper, of Purdue University. Dr. Cooper is a leading scholar in Archaeometallurgy, native copper, and experimental copper working. Dr. Cooper’s particular focus is on metallurgy and innovation in the Arctic and Subarctic.

The deadline for abstract submission is February 15th, 2016. You may submit a podium presentation or a poster presentation. Each podium presentation should last approximately 15 minutes. Accepted papers will be due for faculty review by February 26, 2016. Abstracts and accepted papers should be submitted to Jessica Skinner at

If you have been working on original anthropological research and are interested in gaining experience presenting a paper, the ASU Anthropology Student Colloquium is an ideal opportunity to experience a conference setting while also receiving responses from professionals and other students in the field. We accept submissions from undergraduates and graduates from all disciplines, but all submissions should be based on original research conducted by the author and should be anthropological in focus and germane to the theme of this year.

In addition to gaining professional presentation experience through this colloquium, there is additional experience available in the form of publishing work presented at the colloquium in a special edition of Field Notes, the Peer Reviewed Journal of the Anthropology Student Union. All papers accepted to the Colloquium will be entered into consideration for this special edition of Field Notes, which will follow the theme of the Colloquium.

Requirements include an Anthropological paper submitted in the form of an abstract, 100-250 words, related to this year’s theme.

Thank you for your interest. For further information, please see our page on the ASU website at, or visit our Facebook page: Anthropology Student Union at UW-Milwaukee. Please feel free to contact Jessica Skinner off the list at with any additional questions.

All our best,

Colloquium Planning Committee
Jessica Skinner (Chair)
Sarah Boncal
Erika Bowen