Four fully funded interdisciplinary PhD in biological anthropology and drone (UAV) technology

The Faculty of Engineering & Technology and the Faculty of Science at Liverpool John Moores University would like to announce four new PhD positions related to the exciting and rapidly emerging field of Drone Technology and Applied Drone Technology. This strategic investment by the Faculties supports a total of four fully funded PhD studentships in interdisciplinary research in the fields of Science and Engineering.

The multidisciplinary projects all involve Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, however the focus of the different research projects ranges from engineering and technological development to the application of UAV technology to ecological conservation and human evolutionary biomechanical anthropology.

Fully Funded PhD Position In Primate Conservation And UAV Technology: determining chimpanzee distribution in western Tanzania using unmanned aerial vehicles

Fully Funded PhD Position In The Area Of Human Evolutionary Biomechanics And UAV (Drone) Technology

Fully Funded PhD Position In Co-operative UAV Swarms and Intelligent Light

Fully Funded PhD Position Developing Wild Animal Tracking Systems Using Mataki Technology and UAVs For Use In Conservation

Details on the following projects can be found on the website.