AAPA CAREER DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP 12:00-2:00 Friday April 15th in Atlanta

This year at the AAPA meetings in Atlanta, the Executive Committee has invited Randall Robaudo of SciPhD (http://sciphd.com/) to host a Career Development Workshop. In this two hour interactive workshop we will discuss the technical, business and social skills that are valued both within and outside academia and how to relate your own scientific experiences and accomplishments to those skills in a way that demonstrates your real value. Participants will learn how to dissect a job ad to identify the required skills, and how to develop a targeted resume that reflects their qualifications and experiences in the context of those skills, and how to develop talking points to get you through the behavioral-based interview process.

The career challenges facing PhDs have evolved significantly over the past 10-15 years. Academic tenure-track positions have become more and more competitive, and there is generally little to no training or guidance with respect the opportunities available outside academia, the critical skills required, and how to successfully compete for those jobs. Come to the workshop to learn how to meet the career challenges facing Ph.D.s and land a job!