Pose Questions for Title IX Workshop and Presidential Panel at the AAPA

Audience Questions for Title IX Workshop and Presidential Panel
At the 2016 annual meeting in Atlanta, the AAPA will offer two sessions relating to harassment. A TITLE IX Discussion will be offered on Thursday April 14 from 5-6:30 pm that will address the resources and recourse offered by Title IX surrounding issues of gender equity (including sexual harassment). And the Presidential Panel Working Together to Change the Future: A dialog on harassment in biological anthropology Saturday April 16 from 2-4pm, will take up the discussion of all kinds of harassment both academic (bullying) and non-academic (for example sexual, racial, gender, ability) and constructive strategies and paths forward. Both sessions will have a large portion of time dedicated to a question answer session for audience participation. While questions will also be taken from the floor, here you may contribute a question in advance to one or both of these sessions. Unless you choose to identify yourself, your question will be entirely anonymous. The session moderators and steering committees will vet all questions and may combine aspects of questions. Questions received by April 8th, 2016 will be considered.