New Summer Program added to Turkana Basin Institute’s Origins Field School in Kenya

The Turkana Basin Institute is now accepting applications for its new Origins Field School Summer Program [ ], which will inaugurate on May 26 of this year. The program is open to all majors, and participants will earn at least 9 upper-division or graduate credits in paleoanthropology, archaeology, and ecology from Stony Brook University while studying in the scientifically important Lake Turkana Basin. Students will work directly with leading scientists and do fieldwork at active hominin fossil localities and archaeological excavations, such as at Lomekwi 3 (the oldest stone tool site in the world).

The Origins Summer Field School can be taken in conjunction with TBI’s Origins Field School Semester Abroad Program [ ], either before or after, as the material covered is complementary rather than duplicative. The Semester Abroad program is comprised of five, three-credit, upper-division courses, and participants will gain hands-on experience in paleontology, paleoanthropology, archaeology, geology, and ecology.

Courses for the two programs are now held at both TBI’s Ileret campus on the east side of Lake Turkana, and its Turkwel campus on the west side of the lake, providing participants with the opportunity to experience the Turkana Basin’s scientific and ecological diversity in its entirety. Students will study and work in the very place the Leakey family and their colleagues have made, and continue to make, unprecedented discoveries in the field of human prehistory.

To learn more or to apply to these programs, please visit, or email