Registration is now open! Course: Phylogenetic Analysis Using R

This course is for biologists dealing with the analysis of multiple molecular sequences at several levels: Populations, species, clades, communities. These biologists address questions relative to the evolutionary relationships among these sequences, as well as the evolutionary forces structuring biodiversity at different scales.

The course instructors will be Dr. Emmanuel Paradis (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, France) and Dr. Klaus Schliep (University of Massachusetts Boston, United States of America).

The objectives of the course are: (i) to know how to choose a strategy of molecular data analysis at the inter‐ or intraspecific levels, (ii) to be able to initiate a phylogenetic analysis starting from the files of molecular sequences until the interpretation of the results and the graphics.

The software used for this course will be centered on the R language for statistics. This will include the use of specialized packages particularly ape, phangorn, and adegenet.

This course is organized by Transmitting Science, ForBio, CRIP and ICP