The AAPA announces the 2019 Cobb Professional Development grantees

The AAPA is pleased to announce  the 2019 Cobb Professional Development Grantees. The association recognizes that the professional development of talented scientists in the early stages of their careers is critical to the continued health and vitality of the discipline. To that end, the AAPA offers Cobb Professional Development Grants annually to qualified recipients, each in the amount of $7,500, to support a particular research project.  

The Cobb awards are highly competitive and our congratulations go to the following early career biological anthropologists:

Elizabeth Berger 
Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
“Death and disease in a time of climate change: Paleodemography of Bronze Age Northwest China.”

Mareike Janiak 
Post-doc, University of Calgary
“Age-related changes in the Digestome of rhesus macaques”

Stefano Kaburu 
Lecturer, University of Wolverhampton
“Mother-infant face-to-face communication in Barbary and long-tailed macaques.”

Elizabeth Mallott 
Post Doctoral Researcher, Northwestern University
“Contributions of the gut microbiome to reproductive health in female primates.”

Alejandra Ortíz 
Post Doctoral Researcher, Arizona State University
“An ontogenetic study of the internal paranasal anatomy of hominoids.”