Vote for Science

Vote for Science is part of the March for
Science movement.  The 2017 March for
Science may be over, but the hard work has just begun. We are using the
continued momentum of the March for Science to transform our communities and
our governments.

On this World Science Day, we are excited to
announce our Vote For Science campaign, a new MFS yearlong initiative
which aims to bridge the gap between science advocacy and civic engagement.

The clock is ticking to the midterm elections
in November 2018 and over the next year, we’re going to mobilize and engage
with our elected officials and communities, and give science a voice! But
voting for science doesn’t just mean showing up on election day. We have to:

·  Have conversations with our communities about
why science and science policy matter in our lives.

·  Keep in touch with our elected officials at
every level, holding them accountable and making sure they know we’re paying
attention when they make decisions that affect science, science policy, and our

·  Help register more voters, and remind our
friends, families, and fellow community members to go to the polls.

Join the March for Science as we take the next
step forward in science advocacy: Pledge to Vote for Science.

How to Take the Vote for Science Pledge

Take the Pledge to Vote if
you haven’t already done so.

Share the #VoteforScience Official
Campaign Pledge with your social media network. Download our assets below &
share sample tweets and posts.

Don’t forget to check
out our awesome Vote for Science pins
which were selected by a public vote!  

Watch out for Weekly
Emails starting in December featuring science policy topics and how you
can Learn, Share, Join, Act

Commit to holding
policymakers accountable for good science policy!

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It’s time to hold political leaders
accountable for supporting good science policy. It’s time we join together and
demand that our leaders use science to inform their work. It’s time to

On this World Science Day, I took the pledge
to defend science. I’m joining March for Science in pledging to hold our
leaders accountable for supporting good science policy. I took the pledge to
#VoteForScience! Share and repost if you are committed to protecting science!



We marched and now the movement continues.
Join me in advocating for evidence-based policy solutions and pledge to hold
our elected officials  accountable. It’s time to #VoteForScience!

Let’s urge our leaders to support science and
evidence-based policy. Let’s unite the science community to #VoteForScience!

We’ve seen the power of voting! Defend science
for the common good and pledge to #VoteforScience.

It’s time to take the next step to defend
science for the common good. It’s time to #VoteforScience!

If we want our leaders  to support
science, we have to show them that we’re ready to hold them accountable. It’s
time to #VoteforScience!

I pledge to #VoteforScience. Let’s stand up
and protect science together.

#VoteforScience means voting for change!


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