Workshop on Data Sharing in Biological Anthropology

A workshop on data sharing in biological anthropology,
funded by the NSF and sponsored by the AAPA, is planned for Feb 8-9, 2019, in
Milwaukee, WI. The workshop will focus on identifying types of data that are
generated within the subfields of biological anthropology that should be made
publicly available. We will also discuss other issues that surround data
sharing including issues that impede it, current resources that support it and
ways to improve data sharing. 
Approximately 35 researchers have been invited who represent different
subfields in biological anthropology and who have experience with large
datasets, long-running field sites, or developing resources for data-sharing.
The main goal of the workshop is to find ways to facilitate broader
data-sharing in biological anthropology that are in line with requirements from
NSF and shared priorities at AAPA.


Specific questions to be addressed at the workshop are:

  1. What data need to be archived and what issues with data sharing need to be
  2. What are examples of successful data sharing and what data sharing resources
    are already hosted by universities, publishers, and other venues?
  3. How can data sharing be incentivized and integrated into research design?


Turner, U Wisconsin-Milwaukee,

Mulligan, U Florida,