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have a number of exciting and varied workshops lined up for the Cleveland meeting.
complete list of workshops is available here
. Eight of these require advanced

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. The
registration deadline is March 15, 2019.

  1. An
    Integrated Approach to Adult Skeletal Age Estimation and Paleodemographic
    Reconstruction: Going From Bones to Individual Ages and Mortality Patterns
    Wed, March 27, all
    day (10AM-4PM)      
  2. The
    Analysis of Anthropological Networks in R.
    Wed, March 27, 8AM-12PM       
  3. Repatriation
    in the Digital Age: What can we learn about the ethics of collecting, curating,
    and using digital representations of the human body?
    Wed, March 27, 1PM-5PM     
  4. Amira-Avizo
    Software for Physical Anthropology.
    Wed, March 27, 1PM-5PM      
  5. Citing
    Marginalized Scholars in Biological Anthropology.
    Friday, March 29, 10AM-12PM          
  6. Mentoring
    for teaching-focused careers.
    Saturday, March 30, 2:30PM-4:30PM
  7. Choosing,
    Evaluating, and Using Online Resources in Your Classes.

    Friday, March 29,