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The American Journal of Biological Anthropology is the official journal of the AABA. Started as a quarterly in 1918 by the AABA's founding organizer, Ales Hrdlicka, the AJBA is currently published monthly by John Wiley & Sons. It prints over a hundred original scientific papers each year, as well as the abstracts and proceedings from the AABA's annual meetings and other official AABA documents and notices.  To submit a manuscript online, authors can visit the Wiley site: AJBA Online Manuscript Submissions.

 celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2018. A complete table of contents of articles published from its inception in 1918 to the present is available here.

AABA members can access the American Journal of Biological Anthropology here.

Editors-in-Chief of the AJBA

Trudy Turner (2019-2025)

Peter Ellison (2013-2019)

Christopher B. Ruff (2007-2013)

Clark Spencer Larsen (2001-2007)

Emőke J.E. Szathmáry (1995-2001)

Matt Cartmill (1989-1995)

William A. Stini (1983-1989)

Francis E. Johnston (1977-1983)

William S. Pollitzer (1970-1977)

Frederick S. Hulse (1964-1969)

William S. Laughlin (1958-1963)

Sherwood L. Washburn (1955-1957)

William W. Howells (1949-1954)

T. Dale Stewart (1943-1949)

Ales Hrdlicka (1918-1942)

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