Annual Meeting: Covid-19 Safety Policies & Reports

AABA will require COVID-19 vaccination and strongly recommends masking in meeting rooms and poster sessions in Los Angeles. Policies may be revised to be more strict if that is necessary to follow CDC and State of California guidance. We are closely monitoring news, science, and CDC guidance related to COVID variants and will update our policies as needed.

While AABA policies at conference events provide multiple layers of protection against COVID transmission (vaccinations, encouraging masking, air flow, etc.), attendee care and vigilance during and outside of the conference is critical. We strongly encourage attendees to protect themselves during their personal time in Los Angeles outside of conference events and spaces as well as at the conference.

Vaccination Requirement

Vaccination is required for attendance at AABA 2024, with very few allowable exceptions. We ask that all attendees be up-to-date on COVID boosters currently available to them. Anyone granted an exception must submit a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of the first day of the conference. Please reach out to AABA President Leslea Hlusko to discuss criteria for exceptions or concerns you have about this policy.

Masking Policy

Indoor masking is strongly recommended for all attendees (vaccinated or unvaccinated) at the AABA 2024 conference. KN95 masks will be available for all AABA attendees at the registration desk. A limited number of medical-grade N95 masks will also be available. Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer will be provided at each podium.

COVID Illness and COVID Test Reporting

AABA attendees will be able to report any positive COVID tests at or following AABA in Los Angeles to the AABA COVID Safety call line (703-592-9946) or via our reporting form. AABA will not perform contact tracing. AABA will post the numbers of cases reported in the two weeks after the meeting. You can report anonymously and privacy is strictly maintained among a small number of BAI staff. Officers or other AABA members cannot access this information.

Current CDC guidance on quarantining and isolation:

Need Additional Information?

AABA recognizes that individuals and institutions may have specific COVID safety standards that need to be met to consider attendance of the meeting. Please reach out if you need more information (