Auction Donations

Call for 2024 Auction Donations

Dear AABA member/supporter,

As co-Chairs of the AABA Auction committee we are reaching out to ask for donations for our annual auction to be held at the 93rd Annual Meeting of the AABAs in Los Angeles on March 21. This year we will have a Silent Auction with guest Hummingbird Meadows to wrap up the event! The Silent Auction goes from 3 pm until 8 pm, and Hummingbird will join us from 7-8. Bidding will end at 7:30 pm.

The auction proceeds provide funding for undergraduate and graduate student travel awards. Meeting attendance provides students with opportunities, not only to present their research, but also to meet other students, to meet leaders in their fields, and to gain important career information and scientific inspiration. Our pre-meeting workshops also provide opportunities for students to obtain mentorship and to learn new skills.

Some of our recent auctions raised $9,500 and all these funds were used to support student awards. This year, we hope to reach a goal of $10,000!

To that end, can you help us with a donation of a product or service? We are looking for both small and “big ticket” items, but all donations are greatly appreciated (and are tax deductible). Your donation can be something as simple as books, posters, artwork, jewelry, or any primate/field-related items.**

We need you to fill out a form for all donations. Please use this link to our online form:

AABA 2024 Auction Donations

Or if you prefer, you may email us for a form to fill out. To coordinate a donation of small or large ticket items, please contact Amy Rector ( We will take it from there!

Thank you for considering our request to help out aspiring undergraduate and graduate students in biological anthropology!


Anne Grauer and Amy Rector

Auction Committee Co-Chairpersons

** If you would like to make a donation but do not have anything you feel like you can part with, one of us use would be happy to purchase something (e.g., a local brew basket, books, casts, etc.) to auction off on your behalf. Please email Amy directly to arrange.