COD-WIN Workshop: Negotiating Change in Professional Settings: A Workshop and Mentoring Opportunity for all Women AABA Attendees

During our academic career and professional lives (including non-academic), a woman can experience many transitions including changes in advisors, mentors, rank, institution, title, job type, power dynamics, area of study, retirement, and many kinds of personal transitions. In this workshop, we will hold a traditional mentoring-style opportunity for AABA women participants to learn from others about how to identify opportunities for change, negotiate position and pay, making major transitions, and more. This workshop is open to women of all ranks from graduate students to later career participants. We will use mentoring break out groups and large group discussion. The myriad outcomes should prepare individuals to negotiate change with information from a cadre of peers who have had similar experiences.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024, 2:00-5:00pm

AABA COD-WIN workshop organized Michelle Bezanson (Santa Clara University) and Anne C. Stone (Arizona State University)