Workshop: Considerations for Visualization and Documentation of Human Remains in Bioanthropology

Augmented reality, virtual reality, and related immersive modeling methods are swiftly becoming invaluable tools for biological anthropologists with applications in forensics, site management, cultural heritage preservation, and skeletal documentation. However, the use of these technologies has yet to be fully discussed in terms of their utility, ethical challenges, and equity surrounding technological access. This workshop will invite bioanthropologists at all career stages and interdisciplinary colleagues to explore the ethics and utility of modeling in bioanthropological research/education and its current developments leveraging AR/VR in a hands on environment. The primary goal is to provide exposure to and facilitate discussion on the applicability and equitable integration of these technologies. The session will begin with an introduction of pre-registered participant AR/VR technology. Participants with functional platforms and/or developments in modeling methods will showcase their technology in a ‘Maker Fair’. Colleagues across departments from the University of Central Florida will provide demonstrations of their virtual laboratory intiative and current AR/VR platform: DATCH (Documenting and Triaging Cultural Heritage, Charles Musiba (University of Colorado, Denver) will demonstrate their UAV and photogrammetric research at Laetoli/Isimilla. This will be followed by an open forum discussion on ethics in AR/VR modeling of human remains and its applications to bioanthropological research/teaching. The remainder of the workshop will provide additional time for hands on engagement. The workshop will allow members unfamiliar with AR/VR and modeling to experience the practicality and ingenuity these platforms bring to anthropological research through hands on engagement with existing and emerging technologies. Participants showcasing their technologies will benefit from real time feedback and testing of their platforms.

Friday, March 22, 2024, 12:15-2:15pm

Organized by Alexandria Orozco (University of Central Florida), Joe Kider and Lori Walters (University of Central Florida IST, School of Modeling, Simulation, and Training) Scott Branting (University of Central Florida Department of Anthropology)