Workshop: Publishing in the American Journal of Biological Anthropology: Advice for Forensic Anthropologists and Bioarchaeologists

The goal of this workshop is to assist colleagues from Forensic Anthropology and Bioarchaeology backgrounds to increase publication in the American Journal of Biological Anthropology. Participants in this workshop will learn about the process of peer review in the AJBA, specifically the criteria used to assess Forensic Anthropology and Bioarchaeology manuscripts for publication. The workshop organizers will present information on publication success rates, different categories of manuscripts, and advice for improving chances of getting published in the AJBA. Panelists will discuss how AJBA editors assess the suitability of manuscripts for publication and will provide examples of successful publications in both subdisciplines. There will be ample time during the workshop for participant questions. The workshop panelists include: Dr. Trudy Turner, AJBA Editor-in-Chief; Dr. Tracy Prowse (Associate Editor) and Dr. Daniel Temple (Associate Editor); and two Editorial Board Members who oversee Forensic Anthropology and Bioarchaeology manuscript submissions.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024, 3:00-4:30pm

AABA Publications Committee, organized by Tracy Prowse (McMaster University), Daniel Temple (George Mason University), Trudy Turner (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)