The COD-LGBTQQIAA group aims to facilitate discussion and dissemination of information on issues of concern to physical/biological anthropologists in the LGBTQ community and allies.

The group holds a committee meeting during the AABA annual meeting and provides social programming in the host city to raise funds for local LGBTQQIAA youth programs.

The COD LGBTQQIAA operates a listserv.  We *think* that people should be able to join the list mostly anonymously, as long as they do not post to it but only read posts. Stephanie Meredith and Susan Antón, the list administrators, and Ed Hagen, the web administrator, can see list subscribers, but other list members should not be able to.  We are unsure whether webfaction or other folks can see these. Any AABA member may join the COD_LGBTQQIAA list by following instructions at

COD-LGBTQQIAA Committee Liaisons 

Chair, Treasurer, & Steering Committee Liaison:

Stephanie Meredith


Kristi Lewton

Steering Committee Liaison:

Evan Garofalo


Caroline Znachko

Public Outreach:

Christopher Schmitt

Public Outreach:

Jonathan Bethard