Demographic Reports

A main goal of the COD is to assess disciplinary demographics to lay a foundation for understanding disciplinary needs and assessing the influence of committee programs on these demographics.  Special focus is placed on the inclusiveness and equity of the discipline.

Program demographic survey

The first surveys conducted by the committee were of U.S. programs of physical/biological anthropology.  Undergraduate majors in biological anthropology were found to be remarkably diverse.  However, a diversity bottleneck with respect to minorities and underrepresented minorities was identified at the transition from undergraduate to graduate programs.  And women were less well-represented at higher faculty ranks.  The COD Undergraduate Research Symposium was developed to address the graduate bottleneck and the COD WIN workshops mentor through rank.

 Program Survey on Diversity

Membership demographic survey

The COD developed an annual membership demographic survey approved by the AAPA Executive Committee and distributed as part of the membership renewal process.  Members can update their survey answers at anytime by logging on to their member profile at 

The first of these surveys was conducted outside of the membership process in the Spring of 2014.  The results of the 2014 survey are HERE. Starting in 2017, a cross-section of reports will be tallied each January.  Yearly reports will be HERE.