Yearbook Publication on Bioanthropology Demographics and the IDEAS Program

The AAPA Committee on Diversity (COD) was conceived as a means of assessing and improving diversity within the discipline.  In 2017  Susan Antón, Ripan Malhi and Agustín Fuentes published a paper in the Yearbook of Physical Anthropology that  provides recent demographic data on the discipline and discusses the background and underpinnings of the current and historical dearth of diversity in Biological Anthropology in the U.S. specifically as it relates to representation of minority and underrepresented minority (or racialized minority) scholars.  The history of the Committee on Diversity (COD) and its programs since its inception in 2006 are also considered.  

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Citation: Antón, Susan C., Malhi, Ripan S., Fuentes, Agustín. 2017. Race and diversity in U.S. Biological Anthropology: A decade of AAPA initiatives. American Journal of Physical Anthropology. 165, S65, 158-180.