How to Nominate an Executive Committee Member or Officer

Each year nominations are solicited via an annual call.  The call will describe the open positions for a given election.  The general procedures for making a nomination are outlined below. 

Call for Nominations: Will be live here by mid to later summer.  Nominations are due by Oct 15th.

Executive Committee Composition: Starting in 2018, the executive committee comprises 11 voting members; nine of whom are elected.  The elected members (President, President Elect or Past President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and four Executive Committee members) rotate on a regular schedule resulting in election of a subset of the executive committee annually.  

Member Terms: The President serves two years, the President Elect and Past President serve one year (in alternate years), the Vice President and Secretary serve two year terms, the Treasurer serves four years, and the Executive Committee members each serve three years.  The two appointed board members (the Editors of the AJPA and Yearbook of Physical Anthropology) are appointed for 6 years and 5 years, respectively, following open searches.  Terms run from business meeting to business meeting.

Eligibility: Nominees must be AABA Regular Members in good standing.

Who May Nominate: Any AABA member (student, regular, or special) may make a nomination. Self nominations (by regular members) are accepted.

Nomination Slate: From the proposed, eligible nominees, the AABA Nominations Committee, will recommend two candidates per position and alternates for the official ballot. The President will contact potential candidates in advance of the ballot to ascertain their willingness to run.  

Voting: A link to the online ballot will be emailed to Regular Members in January. The poll closes in late February.