AAPA and the March for Science

The March for Science is being held in Washington, DC and over 200 satellite locations on Saturday, April 22 (the last day of our meeting). The march is to celebrate science and evidence-based learning. The New Orleans March for Science will begin at 1 pm (CDT) at Duncan Park/City Hall Plaza.

Since so many of our members want to attend the march and because we as the Association’s officers believe this march is critically important to AAPA and the scientific community, we have modified the schedule to allow us to keep the structure and programming for AAPA, while allowing conference attendees to participate in the march. 

In consultation with this year’s plenary speaker we canceled the plenary talk (and will reschedule the speaker–Tony DiFiore–for next year) and instead we will convene at 12:30 in the Carondelet room of the conference hotel (Marriott) where the two presidents–outgoing president Susan Antón and incoming president Leslie Aiello–will give brief remarks to attendees and the press. The presidents and officers will then be joined by members of the AAPA Executive Committee and we will lead a procession of conference attendees (whoever wants to join us!) the 8 blocks to the start of the march.

AAPA programming will resume as regularly scheduled at 2:30 with podium and poster sessions and the Presidential Panel. The Presidential Panel starting at 2:30 (also in Carondelet) will now feature a discussion of How can the AAPA promote a positive environment for science?

Why March for Science?

AAPA joins with the March for Science to celebrate our passion for rigorous, non-partisan, evidence-based science.

We aim to:

Science serves the common good. We celebrate this mission and these goals.

-The AAPA Officers (Susan Antón, Leslie Aiello, Josh Snodgrass, and Anne Grauer)