Business Meeting 2017 Agenda

Time: Friday April 21st, 2017 at 6:15 pm in New Orleans (Bissonet).

All members are invited to join us for the presentation of lifetime achievement and student awards and for the discussion of association business.  In an effort to be more eco-friendly, we will be posting information about the business meeting here as it becomes available.  This year we will be discussing and taking a final vote on bylaws changes related to splitting the position of Secretary-Treasurer into two positions and changing the name of the Student Affairs committee.  See the links below for a PDF of the proposed changes.

Minutes of the Atlanta Meeting can be read in the AJPA journal issue noted below.

Draft Agenda

American Association of Physical Anthropologists

Eighty-Sixth Annual Meeting

New Orleans, Louisiana April 21, 2017

Call to Order Susan Antón

Approval of 2016 Meeting Minutes: AJPA 2016: 161: 534-564.

AAPA Reports – Presentations

President’s Report* Susan Antón

Vice-President’s Report* J. Josh Snodgrass

Secretary-Treasurer’s Report*^ Anne Grauer

AJPA Editor’s Report* Trudy Turner for Peter Ellison

Yearbook Editor’s Report* Trudy Turner

Membership*^ Lisa Sattenspiel

Student Committee* Kathryn Allen Grow

Local Arrangements* Trenton Holliday

AAPA Committee Reports Written* – (questions accepted from the floor)

Nominations & Elections (Anne Stone), Career Development (Joan Richtsmeier), Diversity (Agustín Fuentes, Ripan Malhi and Susan Antón), Student Affairs (Leslea Hlusko), Ethics (Graciela Cabana & Jen Wagner), Repatriation (Steve Ousley), Website (Ed Hagen); Auction (Josh Snodgrass and Myra Laird),  Education (Briana Pobiner)

Award Presentations

Professional Development Grants Joan Richtsmeier

Pollitzer Student Travel Awards Leslea Hlusko

Committee on Diversity IDEAS Scholars Agustín Fuentes, Cara Wall-Scheffler & Undergrad Symposium Travel Awards

Charles R. Darwin Lifetime Achievement

Alan Walker, Presented by Carol Ward

Gabriel W. Lasker Distinguished Service

John Relethford, Presented by Tracy Betsinger

Affiliated Organizations

National Science Foundation: Rebecca Ferrell

Wenner-Gren Foundation: Leslie Aiello

AAAS: Karen Strier

BAS-AAA: Katie MacKinnon

Old Business

            Final  Bylaws Vote-rename Sec-Treas Split Anne Grauer

            Final  Bylaws Vote-Article VIII Publications Trudy Turner

New Business

Name Change Report:  Susan Antón

2018  Local Arrangements: Liza Shapiro and Tony Di Fiore

Other New Business: Susan Antón

Resolutions: Leslie Aiello

Adjournment: Leslie Aiello

written reports: ^provided at meeting; *posted online and link emailed to 2017 membership in advance of meeting