Important Contact Information

If you have any questions about th 2019 Annual Meeting, or the various submission and nomination deadlines or procedures, please contact the following: 

Steve Leigh (Vice President and Scientific Program Chair),

Lori Strong (Burk and Associates, Logistics),

 Mary Lou Scarbrough (Burk and Associates, Registration),

Heide Rohland (Burk and Associates Membership Liaison),

Rachel Caspari (Treasurer),

Graciela Cabana (Secretary),

Denise Su and Yohannes Haile-Selassie (Local Arrangements Committee co-Chairs),  

Leslie Aiello (President),

Anne Grauer (President Elect),

Susan Antón (Chair, Committee on Diversity)

Christina Torres-Rouff (Executive Committee Member),, or Kimberly Congdon (Early Career Liaison to the Executive Committee), 

Nate Dominy (Executive Committee Member)

Robin Nelson (Executive Committee Member),   

Natalie Laudicina (Student Liaison to the Executive Committee),

The AAPA Auction Committee

Briana Pobiner,

Cara Wall-Scheffler,